brunch events

Scarlet Brunch
with special guest Cathy Wallen

29 April 2017 at 10am
Burning Lights Events, Warehouse no. 5, Al Quoz 3



Dear Scarlet,

I am so excited about the prospect of meeting you in Dubai. I once stayed in Dubai for 9 months, but that’s a story I shall share with you when we meet. Originally I’m from England where I  met David, my husband.  We lived in SA for 10 years and then Doha for 17 where God very graciously and I should think not without some sharp in takes of breath, used us to plant Doha Fellowship. Now we have been in North Cyprus for 6 years, somehow God takes us to obscure but precious places!

We love Dan and Starla, it follows that I now love you. After all we are already sisters are we not?

Cant wait to hear your stories too while we eat and drink tea together.

Much love
Cathy xxx