lindy’s story


a story of faith

For as long as I can remember all I’ve ever dreamed about was one day being a wife, mom and having a family of my own to take care of. After about 2 years of being married my husband, Gary, and I decided it was time to start our family. We never anticipated the journey we were about to embark on. After about a year of trying with nothing happening we decided to visit a doctor, as we knew that something was not right. Some tests and appointments later, the doctor grimly looked at us and said the words a woman hopes to never hear, “You have a very small chance of falling pregnant and if you do, the risk of a miscarriage will be extremely high.”

It turned out that both my ovaries were covered in cysts, which resulted in little ovulation & further complications. When Gary heard the news he immediately rejected the words spoken by the doctor and responded with tremendous faith, that we WILL have children of our own and won’t accept what the doctor has said. Time passed and we spent lots of time in prayer together, believing and trusting God that He would heal me and we would have a family. We stood on scripture and the promises that God had given us. We had prayers for healing from a number of people and had a few trusted people who knew our journey believing with us.

We obviously had bad days where we felt emotionally drained but we tried not to stay there and tried to fight this battle with full faith. About 6 months after the diagnosis I visited the doctor again for another scan, the doctor was amazed and could not believe it – most of my cysts had completely disappeared without receiving any treatment or medicine! We felt like we had taken a huge step forward and this gave our faith a boost. We thought we would definitely be falling pregnant soon…

However months passed and still nothing was happening. The doctor started suggesting various treatments and medications but most of it we could not afford. At the beginning of 2015 Gary & I made a decision not to pursue any of the treatments but to give this over to God completely, we knew God wouldn’t give us a desire to have children for it not to be fulfilled.

One night, at the beginning of March, I had a very vivid dream where God showed me that I was pregnant and should do a test. I did a test the very next morning and it was positive!! A visit to the doctor and a blood test later confirmed that I was 5 weeks pregnant. Gary & I were unbelievably happy and thankful, we couldn’t believe this was finally happening. We went for our first proper scan where the doctor showed us the baby and we listened to the heartbeat. Then she moved the scan across and said to us,

“So that was the first baby, now let’s go over to the other one.”

We were pregnant with Twins!!


We were speechless, with all sorts of emotions running through us. From being told that we may never have children to now being pregnant with twins, we knew this was 100% God’s work and what a testimony it was to those doctors. This whole journey taught us to never accept that which doesn’t align with God’s word, it took our faith to a whole new level and gave us a deeper understanding of who God is.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us and our two little babies who are due to arrive on the 8th December 2015.